Album Review: Domo Genesis x The Alchemist – No Idols

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Dyscyplynary Action, Hip-Hop, Music Review
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Artist: Domo Genesis & The Alchemist

Album: No Idols

Release Date: August 1, 2012

It’s been two years since the rise of the Californian music collective Odd Future, and things seem to have settled down a bit. Earl is now “free” and back to recording, Tyler, The Creator is putting his paws into things outside of the music spectrum which includes the Adult Swim short “Loiter Squad”, and Frank Ocean is making his mark as one of the flag bearers of progressive R&B. With most the members quietly making moves in their perspective niche, Domo Genesis is looking to create a new path for himself. First making his presence on the lazily Rolling Papers, Domo could have been easily waved off as another generic stoner rapper that lacked in emotional output. He has since improved as a rapper having standout verses on The OF Tape, Vol. 2, becoming more aggressive with his delivery and becoming much more serious with his work.

He continues his musical growth with the collaborative effort No Idols with the Beverly Hills producer, Alchemist. From the start, Domo displays his newfound motivation in his art on “Prophecy” (Whoever knew would be this hard breaking onto this rap shit?/Left college to try to I feed mom so I can’t quit.) Under the startling Alchemist production, it makes a great complement to the rhymes of Genesis, fitting into the setting of each song. The beats here are so good, taking a higher step from ALC’s previous joint project with Curren$y, Covert Coup, but they don’t take away from any of the verses on this album. That’s a testament to Alchemist work – from the seductive keys of the marijuana ode “Me And My Bitch” to the celebratory charm of “The Feeling” – there’s so much to immerse within the sound.

The guest spots all fit well here too, with the attentive highlight being the posse cut “Elimination Chamber”, named after the WWE gimmick match of the same name. Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson felt as comfortable as ever upstaging Domo, and their chemistry is good enough for me to hear more from them together. Smoke DZA, Freddie Gibbs, Prodigy, and SpaceGhostPurrp all make appearances on here as well, with Tyler, The Creator sounding reinvigorated on the closing title track. The overall structure and placement as well as the production make this one of the more cohesive projects around this year.


No Idols serves extensively as a showcase for Domo Genesis’ ability to adapt and versatility as a rapper. Clocking at a mere 35 minutes, the album stuck more to the strengths and shot right to the point with its brevity. It probably won’t put him at the top of OF’s best lyricists or one the group’s marquee names, but he definitely is not looking to be in the background.

Rating: 8/10


  • “All Alone”
  • “Elimination Chamber”
  • “Me And My Bitch”
  • “The Daily News”
  • “The Feeling”

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