WrestleMania Weekend Series (Part One)

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Columns, Dyscyplynary Action, Wrestling
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Three Days. Two Regions. 65 matches. 226 wrestlers. 18 title defenses. All of this compacted to one glorious weekend from April 5th-7th. What was once known as a time for wrestling fans as the weekend of one big show has now grown to several major shows over the years. Starting in March 2006, independent wrestling promotion Ring Of Honor did a doubleshot of shows in Chicago, Illinois, exactly at the same weekend where the city would host WrestleMania 22. The end result saw the promotion having the two best shows that weekend, blowing out anything that was featured on WWE’s premier Pay-Pay-View event. Since then, ROH has made it an annual tradition to have shows at the location of the next WrestleMania and constantly continues to outshine the big guns.

In the subsequent years, a number of independent promotions began to take notice and also began following suit. When booker Gabe Sapolsky left Ring Honor to create EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA, he took that approach and began doing shows for the past four years at the Mania locations. Now CHIKARA, CZW, SHIMMER, and a plethora of independent promotions are working this year’s WRESTLECON, which is a major wrestling convention that happens annually. This year, it will also be in the New York area and this weekend will be full of mat-slamming and high-flying action.

This week, I’ll be covering the eight major shows happening this weekend from Ring Of Honor, DGUSA, EVOLVE, New Japan, and WWE. It wouldn’t be WrestleMania Weekend without WrestleMania, but it isn’t the only show in town anymore.

So, Are You Ready?

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