Let That Mac Rip: November Mixtape Review

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Dyscyplynary Action, Hip-Hop, Mixtape, Music Review
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It is me again and today I present a few mixtapes that were released within the month. Hopefully (?) there’s a part 2 for next week but for now, check it.


Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2

Queens’ favorite rapping chef extraordinaire has grown in popularity and hair length since releasing his first installment of Blue Chips in early 2012. Accompanied by the production duo Party Supplies, the unique display of samples combined with Bronson’s quirky antics on the mic made the perfect match of controlled-uncontrolled frenzy.

With lines like ‘I have the face like a grown lion’ and ‘I’m on the boat smoking Goldust’  while rapping over the likes of PeeWee Herman’s “My Name Is My Name” (No Pusha T) and The Little Mermaid’s “Under The Sea”, Bronson lets loose in eccentric fashion on the highly-anticipated sequel. Though it doesn’t bear the narrative gems such as “Thug Love Story 2012” and “Hookers At The Point” like its predecessor, Blue Chips 2  keeps the momentum and fun rolling with Bronson over…anything.

Take the highlight cut “Contemporary Man”, which flips from Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” to “I Think I’m In Love With You” “Jack & Diane” to Full Force as Bronson fires away in his calmest demeanor. With Blue Chips 2, Bronson flips the script of sampled-based rap on its head and does it in a fucking great way.

The features are kept to a minimum though we receive the usual Beef and Broccoli’s shit talk from his right-hand man Big Body Bes and a couple of guest spots from Ab-Soul (“Through The Eyes Of A G”) and Mac Miller (“Twin Pigeons”). Still, it is Bronson’s world here and keeps it simple though making it complex for everyone else.

Essentials: “It Concerns Me”, “Through The Eyes Of A G”, “Contemporary Man”, “Rolling Thunder”


Roc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back

Last year, Roc Marciano’s Reloaded could have been the rap album of the year if it wasn’t for some guy named Kendrick Lamar. Still, his sophomore solo outing was one of the more noteworthy 2012 Hip-Hop releases combining his gritty NY slang with dark, psychedelic soul loops. He doesn’t let up from that blueprint with his new mixtape The Pimpire Strikes Back, a slick ode to the Star Wars series.

Serving as a prelude to his upcoming LP Marci Beaucoup, Marciano picks up where he left off form Reloaded with his buttery wordplay of Cadillacs and mack talk. His figure of speech have always been one for humor and screw-facing with lines like ‘The F-6 with the beamer truck/I’m deep in the cut/Smoke the tree more than Puerto Ricans fuck’ with a calm bravado flow. It’s packed with a bunch of great tracks produced mostly by Marci himself, but Alchemist, Evidence, Lord Finesse, and Madlib himself provide some sounds for the ear. I personally found this to be the better of the two mixtapes between this and Bronson’s Blue Chips 2 (who also make two solid appearances on this tape) as I’m pulled in sonically more than any other rap project I’ve heard this year. Plus who doesn’t imagine themselves being a pimp once in their life?

Essentials: “The Sacrifice”, “Take Me Over”, “Sincerely Antique”, “Ice Cream Man”, “Bruh Man”


OverDoz – Boom

At a time in California rap where it’s ruled by DJ Mustard party drops and TDE becoming the lyrical flag-bearers, the focus has shifted to see who will come out next from the area. A lot will get left in the stands (Iamsu), others while appreciative of their efforts are becoming oversaturated (Sage The Gemini), and then there are those that are underutilized (Ty Dolla $ign). In the case of OverDoz, they are a collective with a cult following, immense talent, cinematic music videos, and a few cosigns. Still I don’t think they get the credit they deserve.

With their second full-length Boom, they’re looking to change that. The quartet of Creamie, Joon, Sleazy, and Kent tell tales of raunchy debauchery, weed smoke, and summertime bounce over breezy, atmospheric production in the vein of post-Stankonia OutKast. Wingmen of the crew THC – who produced 10 of the 17 tracks – holds the tape together like glue while other contributors don’t stray from the sound. The only drawback I had from this is the intro “Underground”, not because it wasn’t good (the song is), but the unnecessary tagging of a feature spot when the feature is only a Pimp C sample. It made me garner the urge to Elbow Drop whoever that was responsible for that.

Essentials: “Underground”, “Lauren London”, “Thinkin’”, “Hiroshima”


Da Mafia 6ix (Three Six Mafia) – Da 6ix Commandments  

When Juicy J released Stay Trippy earlier this year, orchestrated a timeline of his rap career in an hour that highlighted his previous Three Six Mafia years. However, the only thing we had close to a Three Six reunion was a brief Project Pat feature on “No Heart, No Love”.  As talks of a full-on reunion began to heat up, contractual conflicts with Sony kept Juicy J from performing with DJ Paul, who proceeded to bring the old band back together under the moniker Da Mafia 6ix. Five of the original six members – Paul, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, and Gangsta Boo – are as youthful, confrontational, and motivated as they have ever been with their new mixtape, Da 6ix Commandments.

This shit is one-hour of piledriving, curb-stomping, powerbomb a fuckboy through a table music. DJ Paul delivers some of the hardest production since “Who Run It”, thumping out of the gate with the intro “Go Hard”.  Gun play, drug talk, occult talk, and the like returns on this tape as well, but it has never sound as fresher as it did here. I can almost bet that SpaceGhostPurp felt like a kid in a candy store working with them and Bone Thugs’ Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone for “Murder On My Mind”. Juicy J and Project Pat does appear on the closing posse cut “Body Parts”, with the former delivering one of his better verses in recent memory. Just one listen of this tape and it’s clear that Three Six’s influence still reigns supreme and they have a lot left in the tank.

Essentials: “Go Hard”, “Break Da Law”, “Murder On My Mind”, “Body Parts”


Ian Isiah – The Love Champion

Ian Isiah from what I know is a stylist for Hood By Air (HBA) from New York who happens to be a singer and songwriter as well. He has a penchant for blending in the soft textures of Frank Ocean with the content of Kellz sultriness. His mixtape The Love Champion is a representation of that incorporating sweat-dripping sex, love stains, lip stick marks all over candle wax and rose petal production. Alluding to the mixtape cover, it starts with a bang with the hypnotic “Showtime” and pulls no punches with lines like ‘Tell me if that pussy is for me/tell me if that pussy is guaranteed’ on “Private Party”. Clocking only a little short at 40 minutes, there’s no room for error as the project is designed for those on the late-night tip. Heartache does rear its ugly head towards the end with “Blindfolded”, detailing how one can be so caught up on the past that they are unable to see potential in the future with someone else. Mykki Blanco and Le1f are the only features present here, adding to the sensuality of what I call an impressive outing.

Essentials: “Showtime”, “Love Champion”, “That Body”, “Blindfolded”


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