Let That Mac Rip: March Mixtape Review

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Dyscyplynary Action, Hip-Hop, Mixtape, Music Review
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It’s been a while, but I am back again to give off a round of mixtape reviews from the past month. I look into Atlanta’s ever-growing diversity, their obsession with the Spanish language, eclectic sounds, and Problem’s right-hand man making a name for himself.


Kap GLike A Mexican

In the opening seconds of rising Atlanta rapper Kap G’s mixtape, aptly entitled Like A Mexican, DJ Drama bevies a boastful rant about “authenticism”. Yes, Drama chose to create a word that didn’t exist instead of using the proper term ‘authenticity’, but the message was pretty clear. The growing trend in the ATL and for most of gangsta/trap/Mafioso rap sub-sections is the fascination of Drug Lords from Columbia, the martyrdom of Tony Montana, and having Mexican Cartels as connects. It’s empowering to know that a few scenes from Scarface and Carlito’s Way will give these wordsmiths the ins-and-outs of being a kingpin.

So when the Mexican-immigrated, College Park-raised Kap G almost immediately burst into the scene, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Rap is genre that is heavily undervalued by its Latin representation in the mainstream (Pitbull doesn’t and will never count as the current poster boy), so Kap fits right in at the most opportune moment. He’s already partnered up with Atlantic Records and is co-signed heavily by 2013’s music MVP Pharrell Williams. I couldn’t put two and two together when I first watched the “Eddie Guerrero” video and Ty Dolla Sign was right next to him and Jeezy was listed as a feature on the mixtape, but now I know he’s set for a big 2014.

As far as the tape is concerned, it is a strong gauge at a man who’s got this rap thing down well, immersing himself into the Atlanta sound. Heavy hitters such as Bangladesh, Drumma Boy, and FATBOI come into the fray with Pharrell even adding a sinister melody to “Cocaina Shawty”.  Kap G wears his Mexican heritage like a badge of honor, jokingly aware of the stereotypes society set for him (And I know what you thinking/think I got no green card), and seems to have an affection to using Lucha Libre star’s names as adjectives.

Highlights: “That Paper”, “Jose Got Them Tacos”, “Eddie Guerrero”, “FLP”, “Mexico Momma Came From”


Rome FortuneBeautiful Pimp II

Rome Fortune had a sleeper hit in 2013’s Beautiful Pimp, lightly decorated with the street sonics sprinkled with illuminating textures from the production of DunDeal, C4, and Childish Major. It was one of those tapes that grew with each listen, as Rome’s smooth, monotonic flow is almost calming and melts within the musical background. He took some time to improve his sound and feels even more complete with his anticipated sequel, Beautiful Pimp II.

Fortune’s second outing stands out significantly due to its length (barely clocking around 30 minutes) and the production entirely handled by CitoOnTheBeat. Cito does more than hold his own on the tape, giving Rome the right lush layers for Rome to reflect. It almost felt like how I would have expected Curren$y’s Drive-In Theater would be except not a complete letdown. From the artwork onto the highlight “Tropical”, Pimp II is a boat cruise down to Magic City.

Highlights: “Money Memories”, “OneDay”, “Tropical”, “Sunset In Benzes”


OJ Da JuicemanAlaska In Atlanta 2

There was a time where OJ Da Juiceman was poised to be a flag bearer of Atlanta Rap, eager to take the torch Gucci Mane was carrying for the latter half of the 2000s. Suddenly a young upstart by the name of Waka Flocka Flame swooped in and took his spot, leaving OJ to slowly fade into mainstream obscurity. Da Juicemane continued to keep working though, churning out strong mixtapes throughout the years. Juice is more of the same with his latest project, Alaska In Atlanta 2, copping chickens and ‘whipping white like Marylin Manson’.

Bricksquad General Gucci Mane makes an appearance on the shattering “Kick Door” with Zaytoven, 808 Mafia, and Spook Da Monsta providing much of the production. But it is Metro Boomin’s Diplo’s-inspired “I Got Work” that turns out to be OJ’s most challenging song to date. He sounds right at home over one of the best beats this year, creating an easy party hit with the right push.  It may not hit as hard as “Make The Trap Say Aye”, but it shows a versatility in the young producer that I want to hear more from.

Highlights: “Polar Bear”, “I Got Work”, “Mayweather”, “Watch Deez Hoes”


Bad LuccOutchea

When Problem’s “Like Whaaat” hit the streets last year, I penned it as one of the best songs of 2013. Such a shame that it never took off like I thought it would, with the glimmering West Coast Funk from League Of Starz cascading the background for the stunning verses of both Problem and Bad Lucc. To me, the latter of the duo stood out with his bellowing voice and gritty foil to Problem’s charming demeanor. Representing Diamond Lane with Problem and League Of Starz, Bad Lucc is looking to carve a niche for himself with his solo mixtape-ish EP Outchea. 

While it has his name on it as a solo project, it felt more like a joint project with Problem (who is featured on five of the nine tracks). It didn’t hold back Bad Lucc however, as he got to shine on the street novel “Know Ya Role”, where he details a scandalous woman losing out on luck with the father of her child. With a bulk of the production handled by League Of Starz, it glimmers on the trunk rattling bounce of G-Funk and the explosiveness of Southern Trap. Problem and Young L add to the beats as well, crafting a finely-tune product that introduces Bad Lucc to the masses.

Highlights: “Set It Off”, “Know Ya Role”, “Hol’Up”, “Outchea”, “Suicide”

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