Let That Mac Rip: A Brief Look At The ‘New Atlanta’ Mixtapes

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Album, Dyscyplynary Action, Mixtape, Reviews
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Future – Monster

It seems that Future Hendrix was on top of the Atlanta rap world at the turn of the year. Running amok in 2013 with an abundance of features, reaching the pop charts, and referenced a track given to Beyonce, it was as if Future could do no wrong. It greatly built anticipation for his sophomore follow-up to 2012’s Pluto. While Honest retained much of the emotional gravity and improved songwriting from its predecessor, it fell on deaf ears in sparking the same acclaim from fans on social media. It’s unfortunate as I found Honest to be just as good if not better than Pluto and a great departure from the usual Styrofoam syrup anthems of before.

Much of this can be attribute to the growth of “New Atlanta” artists such as Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, and Migos, pulling their rank and usurping the momentum built by the croaky patriarch. They’re all doing everything he has done a little better and expanding on it, leaving him behind in the process. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he released a mixtape six months later when numbers for Honest weren’t doing so well, despite the positive reviews from publications alike. Monster is a step back to the True Story Future content-wise, though it is the production that continues to impress.

Executive produced by the rising Atlanta contender Metro Boomin’, Monster bangs in exemplary ways. The Mortal Kombat-esque synths on the title track whirls through the crushing bass for a flawless victory, while “Wesley Presley” has a hard thump that’s subtle in its sonic beauty. Future is always fun rapping about his drug adventures and his affinity for Dirty Sprite, but he’s just as excellent when getting in touch with his lovable side. The tape highlight “Throw Away” has him shaking off a breakup by partying with multiple women, only to lament in the Drake-inspired second part (When you laying with that nigga, I hope you’re thinking about me because I’m thinking about you).


OG Maco – Live Life 2

As with Sage The Gemini riding the wave of “Gas Pedal” despite the ever crucial involvement of Iamsu!, OG Maco exploded onto the scene with an erratic and based-influenced “U Guessed It”. Featured on his joint EP with the underrated Key! Give ‘Em Hell, the single picked up a lot of buzz in Atlanta and beyond. In the long list of artists that popped off with a heavy club number, it didn’t take long for Maco to gain a lot of attention for his bombastic adlibs and adrenaline-pumping verses. But it is not all smoke and mirrors for the artist as his Cardo-produced EP Life Live 2 suggests.

It might not come as a surprise for those who have been following him for a while, but OG Maco is an undeniably dope rapper with a great ear. His chemistry with Cardo is a necessary formula, transforming his beach house trap sound to a fine recipe for additional bangers at his disposal. It is kept brief enough to focus on Maco’s strengths and leaves listeners on what else he has up his sleeve. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Johnny Cinco comes through twice on the tape’s best songs.

Scotty ATL

Scotty ATL – Spaghetti Junction

It’s been two years since his breakout mixtape #FAITH, yet Scotty ATL shows that he’s in full-form and constantly bettering his artistry with his latest mixtape Spaghetti Junction. Co-signed by DJ Burn One and gaining a lot of recognition across Atlanta, Scotty has channeled his momentum into creating a body of work ready for stardom. Packed with production from Childish Major (who people continue to sleep on), K.E. On The Track, and Sean C & LV, Scotty sounds as confident as ever with his songwriting. ‘Mixtape of the year, but I’m still working a job’ rings through a lot of young hustlers on “Long Day 2ma” as it has become a growing trend for buzzing rappers today to still work jobs on the side to stay afloat.

Scotty has a flow and cadence that melts as smoothly as Clifford Harris’, so it’s only right to see him obtaining features from Grand Hustle representatives B.O.B. and the late Doe B. Southern rap soldiers Starlito and Young Dolph come through on “U Already Know”, legends Bun B and Gipp show up as well on “Pinky Ringz” and “Anotha Day Anotha Dollar” respectively. But it is the Iamsu and Bobby Ray-aided “Nun But A Party” that gives Scotty his most radio-ready single to date.


Rome Fortune – Small VVorld

It took a good year since Beautiful Pimp, but people are finally paying attention to Rome Fortune. Already with two excellent mixtapes this year in Beautiful Pimp II and Drive, Thighs, and Lies, Fortune’s latest full-length tape furthers his consistency of quality music with effortless delivery. Rome has been furthering himself aesthetically with each song he drops and Small VVorld has him working with frequent Yung Lean collaborator SuicideYear and bringing in homie OG Maco for a few tracks. “The Experiment” has the latter and Fortune fading in-and-out of verses in one of Maco’s best performances this year, steadily showing he’s anything but a one-trick-pony. Rome pays tribute to Juvenile on “5 Second RULE” that gives “Clockin” a run for its money and become incredibly versatile bouncing from “Workin Gal” to a track with Four Tet at the very end.

Honorable Mention: 

Father – Young Hot Ebony

Amazing album artwork aside, this is woozy and satisfying affair when kept really short. (“Look At Wrist”, “Dossier”,”Ignore”)

Key! & OG Maco – Give Em Hell

A prelude to what to expect from the duo, call it more smoke & mirrors of what they are truly capable of. (“U Guessed It”, “Dyin’ Just From Living”)

Curtis Williams – Danco James

A disappointing follow-up to Half-Forgotten Daydreams, it’s poorly mixed but there’s quite a few gems here. (“ Watch”, “NothinLikeUs”, “MayDay”)

Key! & FKi – F Key i

Now you know iLoveMakonnen made it when he’s taking phone calls in the middle of his verse.  (“Make My Mind Up”, “Good Lord”, “I Understand”)

Rocko – IGNANT

“Man, this bitch slicker than worm sperm” and the rest was history. (“Get In Line”, “D.O.E.”, “LUV”)

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