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The fourth and final piece of Artemus Jenkins‘ mini-documentary is up and it ends on a good note. The episode highlights the reality of performing, as GiGi MaGuire explains her time stripping as a means to provide for her daughter. Cali, Simone, Virgo, and NuNu returns to discuss their reasons why they started as well along with the benefits that came in the long run for them. We are also introduced to the young Pebbles, who only had 2 weeks experience at Magic City at the time. It culminates into a what should become of them within in the next six months or so, wrapping up an interesting documentary series.

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The 90s proved to be a wonderful and illustrious time for entertainment. Everything kicked ass in the name of “Attitude”, from the television, movies, sports, professional wrestling, and music. Nothing was just as eccentric more than the growth of Hip-Hop around that decade and Queens MC Noreaga (who now likes to be known as P.A.P.I. for some ungodly reason) collected a massive amount of footage with Geno Sims for his unaired documentary series entitled The What What. Here a whole lot of craziness ensues, with rappers brandishing their guns all willy nilly and women sporting their “assets” to the team. It’s pretty amusing seeing the likes of Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Nas, and Jay-Z (NOT IN A SUIT) all on here along with others, as now over a decade later their roles in rap have changed significantly.

Missinfo put it best when describing the insanity:

There’s random bits of Big Pun, KRS One, Eminem making crank calls, Snoop Dogg at his most misogynistic, a chubby 50 Cent coveting NORE’s then-new Skytel 2-way pager…There’s Jay-Z and Amil, Capone in prison, De La Soul….and at the 2:25 mark, we see Cam’ron shopping his new 17-year-old artist Juelz Santana to Chris Lighty (RIP) and his staff. Amazing.

And Juelz was rapping his ass off surprisingly on here too. One of the many rare gems that can never be duplicated no matter how buddy buddy these guys try to be now. There’s no way you’ll see T.I. or Wayne whipping a gun around on camera without catching another charge in 2013. Women popping their pussy so freely, well that’s a different story.

The third part of this illustrious mini-documentary on the strippers of Magic City highlights the misconceptions of their lifestyle and how it’s not all what is made out to be. Slightly shorter than the last two videos, it also gives an opinion from the outside looking in with clients explaining why they enjoy taking stripper classes and how it makes them feel. Stay tuned for the fourth and final installment which is due in a couple of weeks.

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For the second installment of Artemus Jenkins‘ web documentary on the lifestyle and culture of Atlanta’s Magic City strippers, the lines between stripping and entertaining are broken down. GiGi Maguire and Simone returns to decipher the difference between simply taking your clothes off to putting on a show in the best way. We are also introduced to NuNu and Virgo, what exactly is a “snack pack”, and how it takes serious focus and athleticism for it to be successful.

Two other lovely new faces to the documentary, Ms. Molly and Kitty, highlight their experiences working at Magic City and adjusting with their lack of physical assets. As always, well worth a watch.

This new documentary created by Artemus Jenkins celebrates and enlighten those on the lives of strippers. An incredible idea that I should have thought of, the series is split into several parts highlighting the profession in a different light.

For the first part it targets Atlanta’s Magic City and the three faces involved there: GiGi Maguire, Cali, and Simone. Maguire discusses how she turned her former livelihood into a business, creating Pole FanAddicts and teaching women how to dance. The story of Cali brings about her reasons for stripping, her relationship with Simone, and how it took her a while to dance comfortably in her role.

The next part will go into more detail on what separates a “Stripper” from an “Entertainer”. Interesting stuff right here and I must say that if it wasn’t for Maurice Garland, I wouldn’t have known of this. Shout out to him and enjoy.