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It’s 2014 and half of the year is already in the rear-view where many people are stuck on moments in February with each of the top sports championship games ending in blowouts. Here I am catching up with much of the year in music, capped with great loosies and singles but not too many albums that I sunk my teeth into. Pertaining to the ever-growing genre of rap, much of my focus centered on one region within their resurgence: The West Coast led by the G-Funk synths and hand claps of DJ Mustard.  Atlanta continued to churn out hits and burgeoning young artists with club numbers and New York stretched to find ways to “bring NY Rap back” all the while ignoring the interesting music that is formulating in their inner-circle.


WoW, it’s been awhile since I’ve written on my own little skip of a blog here. I’ve been busy with things, among those including a dead laptop, graduating college, and now working a few jobs. I wouldn’t be surprised if readers thought I died off and it kinda felt like it. But now I’m here to talk about a few rap songs I have enjoyed immensely within the past month of so. Ten tracks you might have heard or not, but are worth checking out amidst the Yeezus and Hov hoopla.


Internet memes should have a field day with this. The Alchemist displays the trippy and NSFW visuals directed by Jason Goldwatch along with Danny Brown and Schooboy Q. This is one of my favorite cuts off of ALC’s album Russian Roulette, which is available now.

This came as a surprise to me yesterday, but I’m happy that it is around. The Brooklyn Jazz/Hip-Hop fusion ensemble continues their strong 2012 by releasing their EP “nothinG special.”. Their music is good, taking heavy influence from Hip-Hop groups such as Slum Village and The Roots. It’s definitely worth checking out and I hope to hear more of them within the year.

Download: Phony Ppl – nothinG special.

I always love it when my favorite tracks get video treatment and this one is no different. Off of his recent Don’t Like mixtape produced entirely by Young Chop, the Chicago hard hitter shows why it’s bad for your health to cross GBE. Hell Rell is in this video too.

Directed by Open World Films

Coming a week early, the Jersey Alternative Punk band are back with their fourth album, Handwritten for listening pleasure. Streamed on NPR’s Music Site, the band sounds just as energetic and inspired as they did with The ’59 Sound. You can stream it here.

Man, whoa. I’ve been waiting to hear some new music from The xx after being fully introduced to them a few months back. The first time indirectly was in 2010 when they remixed Florence + The Machine’s “You’ve Got The Love” which in turn introduced me to the latter. With their first single from Coesxist, “Angels” picks up from their 2009 debut with Romy Croft handling the vocals in this sensual, minimal ballad. Their album is slated to release on September 11th and the single will be up on iTunes for download midnight.