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Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this. The collaboration of Danny Brown and AraabMUZIK have finally brought the electric and explosive output in “Molly Ringwald”. In-your-face and vulgar as Brown loves to be, he rhymes in his harsh flow over the spazzing, rapidly changing boom of Araab’s snares and sonic keys. This little treat should bring hope for more work from them together.

Download: Danny Brown – Molly Ringwald [prod. AraabMUZIK] | Atrilli


This came as a surprise to me yesterday, but I’m happy that it is around. The Brooklyn Jazz/Hip-Hop fusion ensemble continues their strong 2012 by releasing their EP “nothinG special.”. Their music is good, taking heavy influence from Hip-Hop groups such as Slum Village and The Roots. It’s definitely worth checking out and I hope to hear more of them within the year.

Download: Phony Ppl – nothinG special.

Coming a week early, the Jersey Alternative Punk band are back with their fourth album, Handwritten for listening pleasure. Streamed on NPR’s Music Site, the band sounds just as energetic and inspired as they did with The ’59 Sound. You can stream it here.

Man, whoa. I’ve been waiting to hear some new music from The xx after being fully introduced to them a few months back. The first time indirectly was in 2010 when they remixed Florence + The Machine’s “You’ve Got The Love” which in turn introduced me to the latter. With their first single from Coesxist, “Angels” picks up from their 2009 debut with Romy Croft handling the vocals in this sensual, minimal ballad. Their album is slated to release on September 11th and the single will be up on iTunes for download midnight.


Yesterday, Chicago’s King L released his latest mixtape Showtime to keep listeners’ attention as he prepares to release his Epic Records debut, Dope & Shrimp. Here is one of the highlights on the mixtape featuring fellow Windy City cohort and Def Jam artist Lil Durk, entitled “Want It All”. Produced by Young Chop, the song features a catchy, autotuned hook by Durk that can rival the likes of Roscoe Dash. It’s celebratory and ambitious in its approach, as we have heard all of these type of tracks before, but King L takes his syrupy, gruff flow and tunes the pitch in making a banger that is highly addictive.

Louie also happened to reach out to me when I spoke on my approval of the track.

I hope this track picks up steam and blows up, because King L really does have a hit here.

After the jump, peep the mixtape Showtime for download.


Here’s a little project that BlackMuzik’s Ziggy has put together. With artists ranging from Maryland and New Jersey, they bring in a jazzy/soulful sample sound ingrained with a ton a fun. Give a listen, download, and spread the word.

I haven’t been posting as much music on here as I should and that’s because I’m still trying to work out some HTML kinks on here. But in the meantime, here’s something that I stumbled across a few days ago. Birthday is commonly known producing for Bay Area duo Main Attrakionz, but here he drops a instrumental LP filled with drippy, zoned out rhythms. With sampling twisted and slowed down to fit the trillwave-esque sound of Evian Christ, XXYYXX, and Clams Casino, this is quite the project worth a listen or two…or three.