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R&B has seen many transformations over the years. Starting from the soulful roots, twisting to New Jack Swing glory and back, to now embracing the electric Euro Wave, the love-making genre has met phases that brought musical innovation at the expense of its authenticity. For every Frank Ocean and Weeknd there to push the envelope of songwriting and production there’s others that can fall into the trap of over-sexualizing themselves in an attempt to stay relevant (I’m looking at you, Trey Songz). For me, I have always been picky with who I listen to in this genre as even the best singers can instill Audio NyQuil into my veins. However, I have decided to patch up a list of eight artists that are rarely known or not spoke of much. All are unique in how they approach their sound and are willing to create enough Panty Droppers for your nightly playlist.