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Artist: Chief Keef

Album: Finally Rich

Release Date: December 18, 2012

Record Label: Interscope/Glory Boys Entertainment


How awkward can you really get? As part of Noisey’s “Back & Forth” interview segments where two very different personalities clash, Gambino and Keef talk about their stacks, tattoos, and a bunch of stuff in between the awkward pauses. I really want to know who got the idea of even pairing these two together?

Earlier today while scoping out the Twitterverse and timelines, I end up coming across something that had my mind boggled.

This is Lil Mouse: a 13-Year Old Chicago rapper that is highly influenced by the current Drill scene. As the music itself never been a problem, it is the fact seeing a kid a young as he is rapping about gun toting, popping pills, and throwing “Hella Bandz” in the club. It’s the themes and content suggested in this song, with the video itself displaying even more disparaging images. Here Mouse is rolling in a car with a girl, which clearly he wouldn’t be able to drive because he can’t see over the wheel. I can’t even fathom thinking that this boy really does what he says in his lyrics nor him actually writing this.

It’s clear that there is someone else behind the scenes here, making a profit off of a sound that is popularize by the likes of Chief Keef and his Glory Boys Entertainment stamp. Mouse just happens to be the one that could give it attention, especially with a provocative presentation that would get people talking. As with the aforementioned Keef, it’s even wilder knowing that these two herald from a city notorious for its violent string of shootings in the Summer. Even yesterday there was 15 shootings in span of 6 hours during the Independence Holiday. The exploitation of these kids rapping about the violence in their city brings a grim realization on how the media perceives Hip-Hop.

When is it too much? Has this gone too far in letting much of this slide because “it’s only music”? The beat is hard, we can nod to it, but do we not see a problem with the true issue at hand? Or is it the fact that we as an society love capitalizing on anything in order to gain a quick buck?