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Pluto Tour Review

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Hip-Hop, Music Review
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Last night was very turned up to say the least, as Future brought his Pluto Tour with Pusha T to The National in Richmond, Virginia. In the weeks leading up to the event, news circled around that Future canceled not only a few dates, but his entire tour. This left me confused somewhat and almost disgruntled, but I notice that there wasn’t any full clarification on the tour cancelation. Lo and behold a few days later, I received news that the show was still going on.

Showing up in the front row, the crowd was beginning to fill as the DJ started spinning a party mix full of Southern classics. Richmond is known for having a dichotomy of Southern and Northern traditions and values. More like an incredible identity crisis, but it’s very fun whenever shows like this come around. The opening acts were not really noteworthy aside from the constant abuse of the Lex Luger sound/flow. This one cat named New Era was a spitting image of Ace Hood and Meek Mill in terms of his sound, energy, and flow. I enjoyed it, but it was all too similar.

Plus throughout the acts, the crowd was starting to get restless…and disrespectful. A few cups were thrown onto the stage and I was annoyed by it. People wonder why Richmond doesn’t receive as many shows from major names nowadays and it’s because of bullshit like that. We as a whole do not support our own and if we don’t do that, then how are we going to be able to support those outside? This is another discussion for another time, as I now want to get into the main acts.

Pusha T came out to do a 30-minute set starting with the “I Don’t Like Remix”, which got the crowd including myself hyped. He went on to perform his featured verses off of tracks like “Runaway”, “So Appalled”, and “Mercy” along with a couple of Clipse classics and his solo work. He ended the performance with the chilling “Exodus 23:1”, which was my second time hearing it in its entirety. I was quite surprised that Pusha didn’t do a speech before performing the song, as it relates to his current beef with Young Money’s Lil Wayne and Drake. I’m sure there were people in the crowd that still don’t know much about the track. Still though, it was fun as he showed his home state a lot of love.

Then it was time for the headliner in Future and let me say that his following he has here in the city is extremely strong. Not at the level of Boosie or Young Jeezy per se, but Future really has worked his way into the ranks of the Southern ear. He performed a lot of his mixtape highlights like “Watch This”, “My Ho 2”, and “No Matter What”. He let loose his club favorites in “Same Damn Time” and “Tony Montana”, sending the crowd into a frenzy as I was dancing and throwing my voice out with each song. All and all, it was a cool show as I was left smelling like cigarettes, sweat, and kush.

Good times.