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It’s 2014 and half of the year is already in the rear-view where many people are stuck on moments in February with each of the top sports championship games ending in blowouts. Here I am catching up with much of the year in music, capped with great loosies and singles but not too many albums that I sunk my teeth into. Pertaining to the ever-growing genre of rap, much of my focus centered on one region within their resurgence: The West Coast led by the G-Funk synths and hand claps of DJ Mustard.  Atlanta continued to churn out hits and burgeoning young artists with club numbers and New York stretched to find ways to “bring NY Rap back” all the while ignoring the interesting music that is formulating in their inner-circle.



In the world of Hip-Hop, 2012 has brought a vast array of eclectic and cohesive projects that will receive continuous spins for years to come. Amidst fanfare of current releases from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and Rick Ross, a slew of equally impressive albums had made waves through quality though not as much recognition. Here I present eight various albums and mixtapes that produced a body of work capable of even outshining most of the major releases of this year. A lot of these works have been often overlooked (or downright ignored when they shouldn’t) and require a listen or two…or three. Merry Christmas y’all.