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The internet works fast, y’all

Man, this is absolutely hilarious and pathetic.

During the King Of The Dot Pay-Per-View Battle Rap event last night, Canibus was slated to go against Dizaster. To a select number of people who hopelessly still supports the fallen underground rap darling to this day, they saw this as a return to the spotlight. Interestingly enough, whenever Canibus does decide to enter the spotlight, or any light of that matter, he receives plenty more Ls than he does in success. From the two struggle diss tracks to Joe Budden and J. Cole repspectivley (eventually giving an awkward apology to the latter), ‘Bis couldn’t seem to catch a break. This just takes the cake in the long lists of struggle.

In the third round of the KOTD battle after inexplicably forgetting his rhymes in the previous two rounds, Canibus forfeits the battle to Dizaster. But it doesn’t ends there, as after explaining that he’s not a strong freestyler, he proceeds to bring out a giant ass notepad to continue laying down his rhymes. The struggle only starts there, as he delivers some of the worst bars I have ever endured in Battle Rap history. It was humorous, but also very sad to see despite the fact that I do not like Canibus in any aspect.

For the record, it’s not that he even brought the notepad out that was the problem, it the was the pain in his bars I had to witness. The man has had WEEKS to prepare for this battle and it’s obvious that the other rappers write their shit as well. It’s similar to that of stand-up comedy or poetry during open mic night. Preparedness is key: writing, memorizing, and considering the delivery of your work. To see Canibus try to read the lines he has written prior to this and freeze up had me shaking my head. I really don’t like much of this battle rapping to begin with, as the guys can write and deliver witty rhymes but the music is garbage.

In short, I just want Canibus to go and exile himself peacefully away from the Hip-Hop community forever.