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April 7th is almost upon us. It only happens once a year and in New York City at MetLife Stadium, the WWE host their Mecca in the form of WrestleMania 29. It’s the time where casual fans, former wrestling fans, the die-hards, and IWC congregate towards the squared pulpit. This is the moment where old stars are given another chance of glory, current stars adding on to their legacy, and new stars creating their own path. It is the time where long-running chapters come to an end, and new ones begin. That’s what it should be, but in the past years there hasn’t been much of a closing and more of a rehashing.

While a few matches were set in stone a year prior, two consist of rematches from the 2012’s premier Pay-Per-Views WrestleMania 28 and SummerSlam. The undercard was haphazardly put together after a stop-and-start on certain programs, leaving a few people behind while giving some new opportunities. The Intercontinental Title gets buried again and The Undertaker returns from semi-retirement to face the biggest heel in the past year. There is a lot to discuss here and without further ado, let’s rundown the card for the “Showcase of the Immortals”.


“It’s real to me, damnit!”

Well there’s a truth in that, but of course professional wrestling is fake. Yes, I know that match results are pre-determined and the punches never really connect at all (sometimes). But the time, effort, and dedication put into the matches are pretty legit. As I try to stray away from being a defensive mark, I put together a little piece that I’ll construct whenever I get the inspiration to. With these writings, I’ll focus on a pair of great wrestling matches, their background, and why they matter to me in what I like to call… “Da Art of Storytelling.”